Skin & hair

Feed your skin with Vitamin C
and reduce the damage caused by free radicals which gobble up collagen and elastin causing wrinkling and ageing.

MSM the ‘beauty mineral’
will give you a radiant complexion and mineralised hair and also flexibility and strength to muscles, bones & joints.

Coconut Oil, the healthy fat
Drizzle TWO tablespoons on your salad or apply directly to your hair and skin for glossy locks & smooth skin.


Need to beat the bloat?
Take acidophilus once a day and give your gut a boost of the ‘friendly bacteria’ and a flatter tummy.

When life gives you a lemon
…squeeze it, mix it with water and drink twice a day for sumptuous skin and other medicinal and digestive benefits.


Beauty and the geek?
Take Omega 3 daily to reduce skin dryness and inflammation, boost brain function and improve circulation for a happy heart.


Superfood Me
Acai Berry is legendary for its antioxidants to help attain good health and removal of toxins and waste assisting weight loss.


Swap your builder’s tea for green tea.
Sip FOUR cups a day and benefit from a boost of antioxidants, the number one anti-ageing tool.


Grumpy pants?
Take ONE capsule of 5HTP before bed, a precursor to serotonin which the body requires to elevate mood and also good for the zzzz’s.

Envy the energiser bunny?
To top up your energy levels pop ONE Co-Q10 pill a day and feel ready to take on anything.